Google backs StartUp Britain



Google has decided to give its backing to StartUp Britain, a scheme which is designed to give preferential rates to small firms and entrepreneurs.

The scheme, which is Government backed, is designed to help create more jobs and growth.

The scheme is also being backed by Barclays, O2, Regus and Yell, and Mark Kleinman from Sky talked about those who were involved.

“I’m told that as part of StartUp Britain, about which Microsoft has also been in talks to back, Regus will offer eligible start-up companies access to its 150-plus business centres across the UK,” he said.

“O2, meanwhile, is expected to offer preferential packages of BlackBerry products and telecoms support to help entrepreneurs overcome issues related to their credit rating that many confront when launching a business.

“The nature of Google’s and Microsoft’s involvement in StartUp Britain is still being finalised, I’m told, but is likely to be on a similar footing to that of O2 and Regus.”

Google will join in by offering cut-price business services to those who join the scheme.

James Dyson, who designed Dyson Hoovers, revealed that he thought the tax relief for young businesses was a great idea.

“These are real serious measures which will make it much more likely for people to invest in these high risk start-ups – and also for people with these technology ideas to want to do it themselves.”

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