Fulham owner committed to club despite loss

fulham fc

fulham fc

Fulhams chairman Mohammed al-Fayed has revealed he is still 100% committed to paying for the costs of his football club, despite the club posting a £16.9million loss for the last year.

The clubs performance on the pitch last season helped them bring in 12.5million of additional revenues, mostly from the run to the Europa cup final.

Annual losses also increased by £10m and new contracts and higher wages were to blame for this.

Al-Fayed announced that he would continue to make, “funds available to achieve our goals both on and off the pitch”.

He added, “The continued success of Fulham and its eventual financial self-sustainability is my priority.”

Al-Fayed, who used to own Harrods, took over Fulham in 1997 and has overseen a successful period for the club, which is now an established Premier League outfit.

He is thought to have invested around £160million in the club, and added, “As is evident, I remain committed to making investment funds available.”

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