Facebook Opens an Office in Hong Kong in Asia Expansion



Social networking giant Facebook has announced it has opened an office in Hong Kong, it’s second operational office in Asia.

The office is said to support advertisers and to house its marketing staff in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The continent has become a large market for internet operations with the number of people using the internet and mobile platforms reaching hundreds of millions.

However, the ban on Facebook in mainland China – which was introduced in 2009 – represents the continents biggest online market.

The ban of Facebook has provided the opportunity for Chinese competitors such as: Renren and Kaixim001 , inspired by the leading social networking site, to take advantage of the gap in the market.

Chief Executive of Facebook Mark Zukerberg recently visited the region to meet with leading Chinese internet companies: Baidu and Alibaba.

Facebook has 500 million users worldwide in comparison to China’s 450 million internet users.

The new office comes soon after the opening of Facebook’s first Asian office in Singapore last year.

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