EDF push ahead with plans for UK nuclear site



Despite growing concerns following the nuclear crisis in Japan, French firm EDF have stated that they will push on with plans to build new nuclear reactors in the UK.

With Germany and other nations announcing plans to cut down on, and even cut out nuclear power altogether, many had thought we could see an end to this power source, but company boss Vincent de Rivaz argued that lessons had been learnt and the reactors must go ahead as planned.

EDF already have plants in the UK, and de Rivaz announced that the company had already reviews emergency procedures and backup systems for their plants.

China last week become the latest country to suspend approval for a new nuclear power station, following Germanys lead of shutting down their seven oldest plants.

The government have commissioned a study into the Japan disaster and expect results to come back in May, and Greenpeace have argued they too should suspend new approvals until results come back.

De Rivaz argued that the circumstances in the two countries were very different, and praised the government for their “clear-headed and calm reaction”.

Whilst the disaster is worrying for all those that live near a plant, it should be noted that Britain is not thought to be in an earthquake risk area, so the chances of damage from an act of god are so much smaller.

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