David Cameron said he will continue to forward British interests

David Cameron Vowed to go Ahead with Reforms

David Cameron Vowed to go Ahead with Reforms

Promising the most growth friendly budget in over a decade, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Sunday that he will continue with his efforts to sell more British goods and services.

Mr. Cameron had made a trip to the Middle East to further British business interests and was joined by executives from the defence industry. However, he was later criticized for trying to sell arms at a time when the Gulf region and Northern Africa are witnessing a wave of pro-democracy uprisings.

“While there are contracts to be won, jobs to be created; markets to be defended – I will be there”, said the former public relations executive turned politician.

“If it’s making sure Rolls-Royce engines are in the world’s planes, I’ll be there”, he said justifying his move. “If it’s making sure skyscrapers in the Gulf are designed by British architects, I’ll be there”, he added.

Mr. Cameron has already made high-profile visits to India and China with powerful business delegations seeking more business for UK companies. The government is trying hard to boost exports to kick-start the economy since sharp government spending cut may slowdown the recovery process.

The current coalition government aims to eliminate the budget deficit in the next four years and has announced to reduce spending by 19 percent in almost every department. However, in its March 23 Budget, the government plans to shift focus from spend cut to revenue growth by promoting businesses.

“The budget in a few weeks’ time will tear down the barriers to enterprise and be the most pro-growth budget this country has seen for a generation”, he said vowing to do away with the twin “enemies of enterprise” – bureaucracy and red tapes.

“The road ahead will be hard; this year in particular. But the plan is right”, he said about the strict spending cuts, arguing it will do long-term good to the economy.

Our credit rating has been confirmed. Market interest rates are lower. We’re on course to balance the books by the end of this parliament”, he said.

The Labour Party has accused the government of making too much cuts too fast, saying the economy may slip back to recession.

Cameron said he will watch the banks like a ‘hawk’ to ensure they fulfill their commitment of making loans of £10 billion to small businesses.

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