China signs £6.4 million clean energy deal with Britain



The four day official visit by China’s Vice Premier saw the signing of a £6.4 million renewable technology deal being signed between China and Scotland.

The deal – signed on the first day of Li Keqiang’s four day visit to Britain, will result in green technology developed in Scotland being used for power generation in China using domestic waste. As part of the licensing agreement, renewable energy company W2E Engineering Ltd Scotland, will manufacture and license technology to Sino-Scottish firm Shanghai Huanuan Boiler and Vessel Cochran (SHBVC) to generate electricity by gasification of domestic refuse.

Li is widely believed to succeed current Premier and is scheduled to meet Prime Minister David Cameron while both sides try to engage each other in economic and political spheres. “Closer cooperation between China and Britain will not only benefit the two countries and peoples, but also contribute to world peace, stability and prosperity”, Li said.

“This announcement is another positive step forward in strengthening Sino-Scottish links and confirming Scotland’s reputation as a global leader in the development of renewable energy”, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond said. Li also scheduled to visit a tidal power plant in the Scottish capital.

Li’s visit comes exactly after two months since Prime Minister David Cameron visited China with a high level delegation of Ministers and business executives.

Bilateral trade between the two countries has surged in the recent past with trade recorded between January and December 2010 at £25.1 billion ($40.2 billion), a jump of 30 percent over last year.
Hailing the agreement as landmark, Mr. Salmond said: “”This agreement with W2E will now result in a working partnership to fulfil alternative energy solutions that are sustainable, renewable and environmentally proven”.

“SHBV/Cochran intends to build green power stations using this technology both in Scotland and in China. While China will benefit from improved waste management, green power and the direct manufacturing jobs in building the equipment and constructing and operating the plant, the Annan plant will benefit from undertaking the R&D, engineering and project management.

“This can then be applied to future green energy plants in UK, China and worldwide, potentially making Annan a centre of excellence for this technology”.

The work will be carried out in both the countries. In Scotland it will be done at Cochran’s existing facility at Annan, Dumfriesshire and a new energy facility will be built in China to carry out manufacturing.

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