British Airways raises fuel surcharge by £12

British Airways to add surcharge

British Airways to add surcharge

Airline British Airways has announced that it will increase its fuel surcharge on long-haul flights again this week.

The airline, who had already increased their fuel surcharge three months ago, will make customers pay at least an extra £12 per journey sector, meaning the surcharge will be between £75 and £125 dependent on the class and length of travel.

BA attributed the increase to the rising cost of oil, although short haul flights will remain unaffected.

First-class travellers have to deal with increases of £17 per journey sector, only three months after BA increases prices by £10 a sector in December.

Despite the increase in December, BA’s two previous moves had been reductions and shows that the rising cost of fuel is hitting both motorists and air travellers alike.

Surcharges were originally introduced to give airlines control over rising cost of jet fuel and have become a significant part of the price of an airline ticket.

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