BP Engineers Warn New Cap Still Being Tested

New containment effort by BP in Gulf successful so far.

New containment effort by BP in Gulf successful so far.

BP engineers have successfully capped the flow of the blown well on Thursday that had been gushing into the Gulf waters for 85 days.  It was almost eerie to see the “all quiet” on the streaming video that for weeks has been showing the forceful oil escaping from the first cap.  Testing will continue today as the engineers watch for leaks and for now it looks good.

Upon hearing the news, a Louisiana resident, Belinda Griffin, said: “Hallelujah!  That’s wonderful news.  Now if we can figure out what to do with all the oil that’s in the Gulf, we’ll be in good shape.”

Through the day engineers will be watching for leaks.  They will then have to conduct tests to make sure the oil is truly contained or if there is oil leaking into the bedrock.  Primary testing is to end on Saturday.

Engineers have cautioned that this is still a testing period.  The well’s pressure level has reached 6,700 pounds so far.  Below 6,000 would mean no integrity and 8,000 would mean full integrity.

BP shares opened in positive trading at 5.5 per cent higher in early Friday trading in London and by the end of the day that had fallen to 1.34 per cent.  The good news about the containment cap was welcomed as Tony Hayward hoped to have good news to share with stockholders at their meeting later on this month.  It should also help relations when David Cameron meets with Barak Obama in the US next week.

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