Big Finish for FTSE 100

Stocks surge early, then fall on US retail data.

Stocks finish strong on BP oil well cap news.

Stocks soared today as good news from the second quarter earnings season gave investors something to smile about. 

Success so far in the Gulf of Mexico helped drive the Footsie up 104 points to a total of 5,271.

Although inflation is still a possibility in the near future, there was subtle relief there as well as the CPI fell from 3.4 per cent to 3.2 per cent in June.

Among stocks, BP was almost 3 per cent higher after installing a new sealing cap on the oil well.  It was Aggreko that led the way though, as it gained 68p to close at 1,637p.  The company just finished providing power to the World Cup in South Africa. 

As the volume leaders wrapped up today it was Lloyds GRP leading the way.  They were followed by Royal Bank of Scotland, BP, Vodafone GRP and Barclays, respectively.

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