BAA told to sell two more airports



The Competition Commission has told BAA that they must sell Stansted and either Edinburgh or Glasgow airports.

BAA, who have already had to sell Gatwick airport last year have been in court since 2009, fighting the ruling that they must sell off three of their seven airports in the UK.

The group, who also own Heathrow, have been arguing about the legality of the move, which the Competition Commission have claimed is still fully justified, despite the government’s decision that no more runways can be built at any of the London airports.

Chairman of the commission, Peter Freeman said, “We remain convinced that the original decision to require BAA to divest three airports is the right one for passengers and airlines.”

“We found that, if anything, since the report there now appears to be greater capacity available, which will increase the potential for competition at the London airports.”

The commission want BAA to sell Stansted first, as this serves more passengers than Glasgow and Edinburg airports.

BAA pointed to a “material change in circumstances” since the original ruling in 2009, and have said they will consider all factors before making a decision about their next move.

BAA had a case to overrule the decision to make them sell their airports thrown out by the supreme court.

If BAA sell the two airports they will be left with Aberdeen, Southampton, Heathrow and Glasgow or Edinburgh.

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