Aussie star Kylie Minogue teams up with Lexus

Kylie on tour

Kylie on tour

Australian mega star Kylie Minogue has teamed up with Lexus in a brand building exercise for the Japanese car manufacturer.

The star will become an ambassador for the company, and they will sponsor the next leg of her world tour. The Aphrodite tour is due to go on the road this year, and will see the brand exposed to millions of fans.

The former neighbours star will appear in a wide range of adverts advertising Lexus’s new CT200h, which she will receive a complimentary version of. The star described the car as ‘both stylish and elegant.’

Talking about the match, Lexus director Belinda Poole said, ‘Kylie is the perfect ambassador for Lexus and the new CT200h. Kylie has the energy, style and exceptionally popular public profile that will reach directly to customers new to the brand.’ disagree however. A recent poll for the car magazine found that just 1% of people would be influenced to buy a car by someone famous being an ambassador for that car, suggesting Lexus may be wasting their money.

Kylie has always overcome the odds to prosper, so we wouldn’t put anything past her.

Would you buy a car because your favourite celeb has one?

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