Angry Birds creator pushes for stock market launch

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The company who created Angry Birds, the mobile phone game sensation of last year, are now planning to list their company on the stock market.

Rovio, the company behind the game released a statement saying, “The plan is to seek an initial public offering (IPO) in New York, but the specific timing and details are still open.”

The company from Finland have recently raised $42million of investment cash to help fund an expansion of their projects, and backers included the founder of Skype and Accel, who was also an early investor in the Facebook phenomenon.

The Angry Birds app has now been downloaded over 75million times across all platforms, and is most commonly found on smartphones, like Apples iPhone.

The app, which involves firing flying birds at pigs past various obstacles, was created by Rovio, who were founded in 2003 and have since produced over 50 different games.

The company also revealed plans to create an Angry Birds movie, as they try to build on the success of the game, in much the same way Nintendo did with their Super Mario franchise.

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