American economy boost reverses declines in UK stock market

America on the up

America on the up

America is on the up after jobs added by employers has tripled, according to a payrolls report.

The American economy has welcomed over 297,000 new jobs in December alone compared to an increase of just 92,000 in November.

This vast boost has also benefitted the UK and US stock markets allowing the recent declines to be reversed.

Americans are waiting, with high hopes, upon the release of a labour market report on Friday. Due to such a economy boost the report now could contain good news.

When commenting on ADP Employer Services data, a U.S economist at RBC Capital Markets, Tom Percelli said: ‘You cannot ignore the strength of this report.’

In support of this, Challenger consultants commented that estimated layoffs at US companies have decreased to the lowest level in ten years during December

Having reduced by a third from the previous month, there were only 32,004 prearranged job cuts. Automotive and retail sectors thought to be the main sectors in which these cuts will take place.

The US appears to be thriving in many areas as the dollar also received a boost. Economists suggest this rapid recovery, especially in comparison to the UK, is due to a massive state spending programme.

The Dow Jones index has also been lifted thanks to the rapid employment. In particular, early trade and reversed losses were raised on the FTSE, which closed up nearly 30 points at 603.

Unfortunately for the UK, who still remain in a massive decline, sterling has fallen to $1.5487 after construction data emphasises Britain remains on unstable ground despite manufacturing data released earlier in the week that appeared more positive

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