Health Insurance

Health Insurance is available to the public from a vast range of financial providers, as extra peace of mind in the event of illness.

Whilst the UK is blessed with the NHS (National Health Service), which provides excellent medical care free of charge for all UK residents, sometimes the extensive waiting lists leave people waiting for non-emergency scans and operations for months.

By taking out health insurance, you have access to Britain’s network of private hospitals and clinics who charge for private healthcare, but will attend to you much quicker. The health insurance you have opted for will also cover the costs of the private treatment you receive.

Because the private clinics charge for the services they provide, they can often afford to hire the best doctors and offer a better standard of service.

Some health insurance providers will require a medical, while others offer an annual medical as part of the service. However, there are policies which require no medical and offer unlimited benefits for both adults and children.

Health insurance is by no means essential, and the service provided by the NHS is more than adequate for most people, particularly in emergency situations.

Health insurance will be of most benefit to people who are active in their jobs, where a bad knee or back can prevent them from working. Whilst the NHS may have a waiting time of several months to get the problem looked at, through your private cover you may be seen a lot quicker, and get on the path to recovery and back to work in much less time.

A lot of workplaces offer health insurance as a perk of the job, as they know that if their staff get ill, they can get them back to work as soon as possible through private healthcare.


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