Woman smashes up cake shop as her children watch

Dominions arcade in Cardiff

Dominions arcade in Cardiff

Cupcake shop staff were left stunned after a mother trashed the shop because they had run out of her favorite flavour cake. She was said to have smashed the display units and throw cupcakes at customers after being told they had no ‘sweet tooth fairy cakes’; a very popular cupcake that is topped with candy floss, costing £2.20.

The woman even went on to attack the members of staff.

Sally Dodd, owner of Sugarswirlz in Dominions arcade in Cardiff city centre said: ’She didn’t even wait for us to tell her that if she waited, we could bake some fresh cupcakes for her.

‘She threw herself on the floor ranting and raving while her children screamed and shouted, then she came round to my side of the counter and grabbed me by the hair before I could get out of her way.

‘I managed to get out of the way before the woman started smashing glass display units and spilling cakes all over the floor. I’ve never seen anything like it.’

The woman is believed to have caused £400 of damage in the shop, which only opened in January.

South Wales Police are urging witnesses to come forward, and have also been checking CCTV footage. The woman, who is suspected to be from Newport, Gwent, is between 35-45, and has shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair.




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