Woman agrees to donate womb to daughter

The transplant has previously only been carried out on animals

The transplant has previously only been carried out on animals

Specialists are split upon whether the acutely intricate procedure is safe for humans
A lady in Nottingham has agreed to donate her womb to her infertile daughter if doctors can gain permission to perform the pioneering transplant operation on her.

Sara Ottosson was born with a serious birth defect that left her without a womb, but mother, Eva Ottosson, 56, is offering her daughter her uterus.

If doctors are granted permission to operate – the transplant has previously only been carried out on animals – Sara will be one step closer to the possibility of conceiving and carrying a child in the same womb that she herself was born from.


Serious hurdles must first be overcome
If the procedure is to succeed, serious technical problems must first be conquered.  The operation is still at a premature stage, and currently remains very experimental.

Although a small amount of mice have been born from transplanted wombs, very little experimentation has been done on larger animals such as pigs, monkeys or rabbits.

In 2000, doctors in Saudi Arabia transferred a womb to a woman from a dead donor.  However, three months later the womb had to be reomoved when it developed a blood clot and began to die.

Even if it were successful, it would only be temporary
Assuming that permission is granted, if the transplant were then to be successful, it would still only be temporary with the uterus being removed two to three years later to avoid medical complications.

Among the greatest life-threatening medical risks are insufficient blood supply to the womb.  Technically, the operation would be more risky than a heart, liver or kidney transplant.  Any birth would be via caesarean section.

“Of course it’s a major surgery and has its risks, but I trust them, I know they know what they’re doing.  I’m more concerned about my daughter and what the impact will be for her”, said Eva.


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