Witches Of Warwick: Come To London

Witches of Warwick Invade London

Witches of Warwick Invade London

London tourists enjoying the sunshine during the week may have been somewhat confused with the proliferation of witches’ hats wondering around some of their favourite haunts.

London’s taxi drivers, street cleaners, some of the cities famed statues even Harrods’s door men were sporting the pointy black hats. As Warwick Castle came to London to celebrate the opening of their new attraction, the Witches of Warwick which opens today.

Ghost stories

Sitting on the River Avon, the medieval Warwick Castle is the subject of many ghost stories with its reputation of being haunted. With ghostly goings-on being caught on the castles CCTV. With over 1000 years of solid history, it comes as no surprise that the castle has introduced a new attraction called the Witches of Warwick.

As tourists and commuters arrived at the capitals main underground stations they were greeted by dozens of witches. One commented on what they were witnessing saying that “it’s as if the word’s witches have invaded London” further going on to say it was “as if they had had spells cast on them”.

Tim Harrison-Jones of Warwick Castle explained the stunt saying that the new attraction draws the world’s witches to England ahead of the opening, and are intent on luring as many victims to the creepy Dungeons.

He also went on to talk about an independent survey which showed that over 30% of Brits take risks on a daily basis. Whilst men take more risks, more women then men like being frightened for fun, which is a great reason to visit the Witches of Warwick attraction.

Scary spells, witchcraft games and the presence of a vexed crone create an atmosphere which is so morbid and malevolent that the new attraction as been dubbed as not recommended for children under the age of 10 years-old.

 Black magic

Designed to shock, scare and haunt, the Witches of Warwick delivers a new level of fright to the Castles Dungeons. As visitors to the castle journey through the history of sorcery, hearing the horrid tales of black magic. They will also be able to hear the one of the most shocking and scariest truths of all time regarding a witch called Moll Bloxham from the Castle’s own past.

Deemed as being not for the faint hearted the addition of the attraction is set to be a huge hit with kids and their families over the Easter break. Each witches hat found in London carries an exclusive 2 for 1 voucher which is valid until September 3rd 2012. Walk in entry to the Castle will cost £22.60 for adults.

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