Wind Industry at Humber to Create New Jobs

Wind turbines will bring 27,000 jobs to Humber port area.

Wind turbines will bring 27,000 jobs to Humber port area.

A plan that could create 27,000 new jobs is waiting for the go ahead.  The 400 million pound project will bring an international centre for renewable energy to the south side bank of the Humber.  The 2,000 acre Humber site is the largest available for the UK post-related developments.  Able UK, the developer proposing the project, said the plan will include new quayside facilities for the installation of large wind turbines.  The turbines would allow bio mass energy generation.

The estimated 27,000 created jobs would be broken into 10,000 on site jobs with another 17,000 in northern Lincolnshire area.  The jobs would include the construction and installation of five thousand offshore turbines.

The marine energy park plans were called a plan of “national significance” by Able UK’s Executive Chairman, Peter Stephenson.

“It is an opportunity to provide all the facilities required  for the manufacture, commissioning and installation base for offshore wind turbines within close proximity to the massive wind farms which will be developed in the North Sea,” he said.

“Alongside the wind turbine operations there is the potential for the development of a biomass power plant capable of supplying electricity for half-a-million homes”  Stephenson added.

Sion Hill, Executive Director of Business at regional development agency Yorkshire Forward said: “Any investment that can actively unlock significant economic and employment potential and enable sites within the region to be major centres for renewable energies is welcome.”

Currently the Humber Port development is used for vehicle import, storage and distribution.  More than 50 million pounds has already been invested in the port to date.

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