Will Kate have to change her ways now that she is a royal?

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Well, first off, she will no longer be refered to as “Kate”, it just won’t cut the mustard for Royal Standards. From here on out, she has a choice between Catherine, Ma’am or Her Royal Highness.

She is technically allowed to vote, as can the rest of the Royal family, but she will most likely follow their lead in abstaining, as voting isn’t in keeping with their neutral role. Lumped within this category is a big no-no – Kate, er, I mean Catherine, will have to put aside any dreams of political office.

As for a career, although there is no official comment on the do’s and don’ts in this aspect of her life, it is widely understood that attempts by the Royal family to hold jobs hasn’t gone down well in the past (eg, Prince Charles’ plan to work part-time in a factory, Countess Sophie Wessex being forced to abandon her PR firm).

And if this wasn’t enough, she’s also going to have to mind her p’s and q’s. So far, we have only really heard her speak after the announcement of her engagement to William – but in all conversations of the future she will have to carefully tread on political, social and personal viewpoints. Most certainly, the media will wait with baited breath for that first gaffe.

Not only does she have to watch what she says, she will also have to watch what she signs. Royals are strictly restricted from signing anything that could lead their signature to being copied and forged. A few years ago, poor Harry got himself into trouble signing someone’s cast with well-wishes.

Even eating has it’s restrictions. She’ll have to say good-bye to shellfish, for fear of food poisoning has caused the Royals to ban them from menus. And, she better watch her nan-in-law out of the corner of her eye whilst at the dinner table, cause when the Queen is finished eating, everyone else is too, whether or not they want to be.

Most certainly, Kate’s life is going to take a dramatic turn. Let’s hope that life as a princess will afford her
many more positive benefits to outweigh these new restrictions.

Would you trade life as a commoner for royalty if you had to follow these rules? Is it worth it?

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