Wikileaks Flattr’d by Swedish co-operation

wikileaks saved

wikileaks saved

A Swedish company have saved Wikileaks’ following their loss of support from several major banking groups.

Ironically, the support emerged after a series of accusations regarding sexual offences to three Swedish females have been made against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has recently been released on bail following a payout of £275,000.

Flattr, a company famous for its use as a form of micro or social payments is set to be the only group that accepts donations to Wikileaks.

The support comes at a desperate time as financial institutions such as Paypal, Visa and Mastercard refused to be associated with the payments processed for Wikileaks following the release of over 250,000 US diplomatic cables through the website.

The service is thought to be a revelation to the development in online donations, and exciting news for websites worldwide. Flattr allows users to make a one time payment in a simple format, and personally decide on the amount they would like to donate; no matter how small. Another exciting development is the unique solution allowing donations from as little as €2 a month (approximately £1.70).

Prior to this, these services were not economically viable due to the large charges attached to the small payments made via Paypal, MasterCard or Visa.

The difficulty previously applied to such donation processes in its complicated and time consuming approach to fill out payment forms has been eliminated by this new service.

Though far from solving Wikileaks’ financial problems immediately, it is thought that the website’s partnership with Flattr will prove successful in the near future.

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