White Christmas: Small Chance Of Festive Snow

No snow on Christmas

No snow on Christmas

Every year without fail bookmakers state odds on whether it will snow on Christmas day, this year has been no different. But with a light wind coming in from the tropics the chill that might have existed in the air will not exist, as predictions are showing that the temperature this Christmas will be double compared to the average maximum.

Creating the Christmas feeling

With Christmas just around the corner and many families and households doing their best to create the feeling only Christmas can snow would set the day of perfectly, but it does not look like snow or the cold will be arriving on 25th. Further hints that the weather will not include the white fluffy stuff has been confirmed by the bookmakers who have dramatically cut the odds of a white Christmas.

Forecasters have also said that in place of the cold and snow, the vast majority of the UK will be celebrating Christmas on what will be one of the mildest festive breaks witnessed on record.

With the UK being an island it will only take a change in the direction of the wind to dictate what kind of weather many will enjoy, and it looks as if a sudden switch in wind direction will be on the cards and this will mean that warmer breezes will be blowing in from the tropics a few days prior to the big day.

This will force the temperature to rise to as high as 14c (57f) in many locations, given Christmas a warmer, some may even say a welcoming feel. This rise in temperature will also include Scotland who will be looking at 12c as the average.

What is being seen is that the milder conditions will be staying put during the middle of the week, but many areas will retain the weather come the weekend. For those who are looking for some festive snow, indications are that it will be seen on higher ground. This may not tempt families to take their Christmas dinner such places in the form of a picnic but for those looking for a snowball fight, look for higher ground.

Stark contrast to last year

This year’s weather is stark contrast to what was seen last year when Britain had experienced the coldest December in a 100-years. The record low for temperature on Christmas day was recorded in Shawbury, Shropshire, where the temperature plummeted to -15.9c.

If you are one of those people who likes to have a little festive gamble on the likelihood of snow falling on Christmas can, but in London odds of 1/9 are being quoted of snow not falling.

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