Where will Prince William and his wife Kate honeymoon?



After surprising the world with a quick return back to work directly following their fairy-tale wedding, the chosen destination for their honeymoon is now all that anyone can talk about.

Although work committments forced William to break the wedding celebrations into two parts, the couple yearn for an idyllic and romantic post-wedding break, just like all of us commoners. William is back to work Tuesday later this month the couple will jet off to their much anticipated honeymoon destination.

And the anticipation isn’t only felt by the newliweds; the press has been speculating their choice for months, offering their own predictions for the chosen exotic get-aways. One paper confirmed they would be heading to Lizard Island off the coast of Queensland while others tout Scilly and Seychelles as contenders.

One thing is for sure, the winning destination will have to fulfill an incredible list of criteria for security and privacy concerns that such high-profile guests require. In addition, careful consideration of political and humanitarian sensibilities would most certainly rule out a variety of countries like Cuba or China for purposes of maintaining the neutral role the royals fervently adhere to.

In the past 24 hours, one London paper confirms they have the inside scoop: William and Kate are headed to a luxury villa retreat on an island in the Seychelles for 10 days of relaxation at a cost of £4,000 per night.

This very same paper reports that the prince’s protection officers reportedly visited the top-secret location to confirm its suitability and gave it the green-light.

If this claim is true, Wills and Kate will enjoy an open-air bathroom, private garden, freshwater rock pool and a personal butler and chef during their villa stay.

It has been rumoured that the royal family is prepared to take legal action to prevent the media from disrupting the couple’s trip.

Have you been to the Seychelles? Do you think the media has got it right this time?

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