Where does a royal couple go after their wedding? Anglesey of course!



Is it really all that shocking that after the hectic, emotional and overwhelming wedding weekend, perhaps the young couple needs a little down time before jaunting off into the sunset immediately?

The couple’s decision to return to Anglesey was most likely determined by the Prince’s work schedule in addition to the need for some quiet to reflect and recover from the wedding. “They’re waiting for the hoopla to die down,” said a spokesman.

Their return to Anglesey does assist Palace officials who are trying to protect the couple from the media, hoping to avoid the intense media hounding Princess Diana faced. On the island, the location of their rented farmhouse still remains a mystery to most, and this privacy is helping to keep the media at bay.

While living on the island, the couple are always able to move around freely. Most certainly, word does spread in the community when Kate or William are spotted in town, especially when Kate frequents the local Tesco or when William heads to the local pub.

Even though the island flutters with gossip about the latest where-abouts of the couple, Daisy Gibson, a local student says: “They don’t get bothered at all here. There’s rumors about where they are, but nobody knows where they live really. They don’t get recognized that much when they go out because they look quite low-key when they walk around.”

Anglesey is known mostly for Hollyhead, its main port which is a main transit point for people heading to Ireland. It is partly rural, dominated by cattle and horses in many fields. It boasts stunning cliff-top views, lovely beaches, fresh sea air and picturesque coves.

Most of the social life on the island is built around the a combat pilot training center where Prince William works.

Islanders are proud to have the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge living in Anglesey and hope their presence will bring more tourists to the area. I don’t know how much the new couple would appreciate that, but I’m sure their private beach will offer them the solitude they crave.

See what the locals have to say about their island and the couple:

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