West Ham or Spurs? Who will become the tenant of new Olympic Stadium?



An official announcement is due to come later today on the decision on the future inhabitant of the 2012 Olympic Stadium site in east London.

At 1100 GMT the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) board members will announce their decision as to whether they have selected West Ham United or Tottenham Hotspur as the team to become the new tenant in Stratford after the games has concluded.

BBC London revealed on Wednesday that the executives would be recommending West Ham to be the home team of the stadium.

This decision will then be approved by the OPCLC board, two government branches and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

The ratification is expected to take place next week.

Tottenham Hotspurs plans for the stadium were openly criticized because the club suggested demolishing the stadium and building a new one in its place.

In contrast, West Ham, competitors in the bid, planned to keep the athletics track in the east London Stadium.

Tottenham claim that this is not something that would provide a good footballing atmosphere.

The Hammers’ bid came under fire because it was not self-funded, relying instead on loaned public money arranged by Newham Council.

Former Spurs Chairman, Lord Sugar said the plan was “Totally flawed” and predicted that the stadium would become a “White elephant”.

“It will be a disaster for the taxpayer and we’ll end up having a mothballed Olympic village,” he said.

President of the Spurs bid partners Tim Leiweke – from entertainment firm AEG – suggested that the stadium would “go broke in 10 years” if the athletics track was kept.

However London 2012 chief Lord Coe has called for the track to be maintained.

The announcement will be made in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, central London.

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