Waving Bear: Kodiak The Grizzly Impresses

Waving Bear

Waving Bear

This is a must see clip of a well mannered polite bear called Kodiak who waves back at a visitor in friendliest way at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington DC. The big grizzly reacts to a little girl who waves which makes the bear wave back, the scene has gone on to become a YouTube hit.

Olympic Game Farm

The animal park was created for those animals who performed on TV, films or even theme parks, the whole demeanour of the bear and the excitement to wave back can only change the view many have of powerful animal.

The Olympic Game Farm is an organisation which has worked with Disney on many of its live action animal films which had been popular throughout the 60s and 70s, including the hit show ‘Grizzly Adams’.

The park itself is somewhere these animals can relax and enjoy themselves now that they are not going through their intense training schedules which would have been required to work with these animals on set. The park is able to arrange drive through tours and an opportunity to meet the performing animals and possibly interact with them too.

Generally, Kodiak bears are vegetarians but as winter comes around their diet shifts to one made up with a high content of salmon. Even though this bear is in retirement, it is very evident that it enjoys human company while lazing around foraging for food.

Bears in the wild all over the world are in constant threat from hunters and poachers, who either choose to kill these magnificent animals for trophy purposes or because they are a nuisance, the reality for people talking the latter course of action is that it is humans encroaching on the land of the bears.


However, small mindedness still exists and many find great enjoyment in the demise of a one of the world’s most powerful animals. But this is a fate being shared by the likes of the tiger, the rhino and many others all living on a fine line from which none can return.

If it was not for Zoo’s and conservation parks around the world many animals would have died out already, and this is worrying for the balance in nature which also walks a fine line. While much more work is being done by individuals, it is important that videos such as this waving bear inspire people to see that there is more this powerful beast and they need to be around for future generations.

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