Water Tornado: Freak Of Nature Seen In New Zealand

water tornado

water tornado

New Zealand has some of the most beautiful wildlife and natural areas in the world, and recently a water tornado was captured on camera in Auckland, New Zealand. The natural event was recorded on a home video from the suburb of Devonport.

The beauty with this natural event is that it disperses when they hit land, this means that when one forms there is a low chance that it will cause any damage on land. Nevertheless, police have reported that there were no reports of any damage, and they were not required to attend any emergency calls related to the water spout.

Converging Winds

A MetService spokesman revealed that converging winds had formed the ‘water spout’, which is not really a full-blown tornado. The winds coming together form a twist in the air, and the one that formed in New Zealand was long and thin. It did not have the power like the destructive tornados do, which means that people can stop and stare knowing that they will remain reasonably safe.
Last September a tornado in New Zealand had caused widespread damage, where houses were damaged and many streets in West Auckland felt its full force. Four months earlier a tornado in Albany had ended in the death of a construction worker.

A water spout such as the one seen in Auckland are attached to cumuliform clouds. The water is collected in the main funnel cloud is the result of condensation-formed water droplets. It is not the result of the tornado sucking up water from bodies of which it has formed over.

Extractive Industries

The development of these consists of five stages, these are the creation of dark spots on the water’s surface. This is followed by a spiral-shaped pattern forming on the same surface, and then the development of a spray ring. It is ended with the growth of a visible condensation funnel, and then it comes to an end by dissipating and decaying.

New Zealand is a country with a well developed economy, which is linked to extractive industries. Depending on the period of time this could be sealing, whaling, flax, gold and native timber. The high demand from the United Kingdom and the United States of America for agricultural products in the past, had assisted in the high living standards seen in the country. These were much better than Australia and Western Europe for a period of time.

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