Vodafone to Court Pay-As-You-Go Customers with Its New Top Up and Get It Campaign

Vodafone is hoping to increase its pay as you go customer base with new value in its program.

Vodafone is hoping to increase its pay as you go customer base with new value in its program.

The mobile phone business is highly competitive. New phones and new deals roll out almost every week it seems. To catch possible new clients Vodafone is banking on a new advertising campaign by investing 10 million pounds in its message.

The new campaign will begin next month. Vodafone, the second largest mobile phone company in the UK, will be promoting its pay-as-you-go (PAYG) product. The new advertising was created for the company by Bartle Bogle Hegarty advertising agency.

The company will be informing consumers of its value credentials. It has lagged behind the other companies in the PAYG market despite its success at running close to the top in the overall mobile phone market. Vodafone has 10 million PAYG customers. Everything Everywhere, which owns T-mobile and Orange, has 15.6 million PAYG customers and O2 has 11.5 million customers.

The new campaign is called “Top Up and Get” and will offer rewards and discounts such as extra texts, data browsing and international calls every time a customer tops up. The advertising comes ahead of the crucial holiday shopping time in the hopes of increasing purchases. It is reported that a third of all PAYG handsets are sold in November and December.

A Vodafone spokesman said: “Christmas is a very important time for Vodafone in the pre-pay market and we are going to make sure that this festive season we give our customers a great present.”

The UK loves their mobile phones with there actually being many people who own more than one giving the count of actual mobile phones being 20 million above the actual number of people in the UK. There are 30 million contract subscribers in the UK but there are 50 million PAYG customers. Vodafone hopes that with their new campaign they will sway many of those that are outside their brand to come aboard with the many new offers for the PAYG customer.

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