Virginia Tech Shooting: Policeman And Another Shot Dead

Another Virginia Tech shooting

Another Virginia Tech shooting

Virginia Tech has had some raw luck over the last few years, the latest attack has seen two people shot dead, a policeman and a another person. But who can forget the tragedy that took place in 2007 when another gunman went on a rampage leaving a mess of 32 people dead in his wake. The most recent gunman has been found dead at the university, police have revealed.

Stormed the campus

It was yesterday when the man stormed the campus and shot dead a police officer, he was later pronounced dead at the Virginia Tech University. Authorities have come and said that the campus is now safe and as such they lifted the forced lock-down after police had gone on a four hour manhunt.

The motive of the attack is unknown and as such police have also not revealed whether they suspected a murder-suicide, but the investigation is ongoing.

The police officer was shot dead after a routine traffic stop, a violent attack that right now many are calling meaningless and unnecessary. The officer was killed in the shadow of the Virginia Tech football stadium, the scene was closed off so that the police could carry out their processes. But the scene has now been re-opened, watched by a small group of students who must be questioning their choice in university.

The current incident bore many similarities to the incident in 2007 when a mentally deranged student went on a killing spree, leaving 32 dead and 25 wounded before he went on to commit suicide on the school’s rural campus.

That attack was the deadliest and most gruesome massacre by a single gunman in the entire history of the United States. Once again, students found themselves coming together to hold a memorial for the people killed in 2007.

The recent attack saw the gunman simply walk up and kill a police officer who had been in the force for only four years, he then ran on foot to get away from the crime scene. His body was later found with the gun he used.

Armed robbery

However, police are hesitant to assume the dead man is the gunman at this stage with the Virginia State Police not confirming the second body as the unidentified gunman.

Police have revealed that are checking whether there are links with the gunman and an armed robbery which took place earlier in the day. Despite the previous attack, the university is once again in the news for another grim story of a violent gun crime.

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