Vincent Tabak Charged With Murder of Joanna Yeates

Joanna Yeates

Joanna Yeates

The 32-year-old Dutch national, who lived next door to Joanna, was charged on Saturday evening after being questioned by the police for almost three days. Tabak is due to appear in court this morning.

Tabak works in Bath for an engineering company called Buro Happold. He moved to Clifton, in Bristol, from Bath in 2009. Police began searching his property, which is next door to Joanna’s flat in Clifton, last Thursday after setting up a tarpaulin outside it. Detectives had been granted an extra 30 hours to continue questioning the architectural engineer suspect.

It has been reported that the emotional appeal from Joanna’s parents last week, when they warned that the killer of their architect daughter could strike again, had prompted a ‘tearful’ female caller to contact police shortly before the arrest of Tabak in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Yesterday Joanna’s father, David Yeates, said he and his wife felt ‘relieved’ that the ‘not knowing’ might be over. He added that they were unlikely to attend this morning’s hearing at Bristol Magistrates’ Court, but would travel to a future appearance because ‘we do want to see Vincent Tabak sometime’.

David Yeates claims: ‘We have full confidence in the thoroughness of the police investigation.’ This is despite the police receiving a backlash from the public about how long the investigation was taking.

Jo’s parents finally added that these developments would mean they could start to focus on making arrangements for a funeral, which they predicted to be the ‘worst day of their lives’.

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