US Police fooled by cement alligator

The cement alligator

The cement alligator

Police in Independance, Missouri responded to a call Saturday night from a worried resident who spotted a large alligator near a pond.

A state conservation agent advised the police to to shoot the alligator because there was little that conservation officials could do at that time, police spokesman Tom Gentry explained.

The officer on call shot the alligator twice, but both times the bullets surprisingly bounced off the animal.

Upon further investigation, the policeman realised it was made of cement.

When the property owner was questioned, he told police that he placed the ornamental gator by the pond to keep children away. But residents had little to fear.

“There are no alligators around here, we are too far north, it’s too cold,” said Bill Graham, spokesman for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Gentry admits “In hindsight, it’s humorous,” he said.

Indeed it is.

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