US Investing $795 Million in Broadband Projects

US investing $795 into broadband projects

US investing $795 into broadband projects

President Obama will announce today that the US government will be investing $795 million in grants and loans that will create 5,000 jobs and generate $200 million in associated private investment.

The 66 projects associated with the investment will expand broadband connections to rural and poor areas across the United States.

The White House said: “In total, tens of millions of Americans and over 685,000 businesses, 900 health care facilities and 2,400 schools in all fifty states stand to benefit from the awards.”

“With new or increased broadband access, communities can compete in a level playing field to attract new businesses, schools can create distance learning opportunities, medical professionals can provide cost-efficient remote diagnosis and care, and business owners can expand the market for their products beyond their neighborhoods to better compete in the global economy”, the White House stated in a document about the projects.

The projects will also provide federal money to fund public computing centers in rural libraries, community colleges in rural areas, and other public venues.

The $795 million is funded by the 2009 economic stimulus act.

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