US experiences worst tornados in over four decades

Alabama tornado

Alabama tornado

Since Friday, a horrific storm system has ravaged the southern states, with a deadly series of tornadoes ripping through Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee and Oklahoma killing over 200 people.

Alabama was the worst hit state, with state officials confirming 131 deaths with numbers expected to rise. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency for the area to initiate search and rescue operations. Over a million customers are without power statewide. Luckily, forecasters had warned of the storms for days, causing many schools and employers to shut, thus preventing possibly more deaths as many people stayed at home and bunkered down.

Official reports from other states confirm 32 people killed in Mississippi, 30 in Tennessee, 11 in Arkansas, 10 in Georgia, eight in Virginia and two in Louisiana. The governers in Mississippi and Georgia also issued emergency declarations for parts of their states.

Severe storms and tornados flattened whole neighborhoods, uprooted trees, washed out roads, devastated infrastructure and damaged 3 nuclear power plants.

The National Guard are searching hard hit areas looking for missing people while locals have been helping to pull bodies from rubble and started surveying the destruction in their communities, trying to piece together what remains.

The storm system will continue to be monitored as the rescue and clean-up operations commence.

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