US Black Friday: Chaos At Start Of Holiday Season

Chaos At Start Of Holiday Season

Chaos At Start Of Holiday Season

The usual Black Friday sales turned into a shopping frenzy in the United States as many people were left injured after a women used pepper spray to get the bargains she had come for. The start of the holiday season was left in further disarray as to go with the pepper-sprayings there were also instances of shootings as bargain-hunters stampeded shops.

Dramatic scenes

What was witnessed on this day puts a totally different spin on its Black Friday label, which is the day after Thanksgiving in the US when many retailers shift from having been in the red all year to being in the black.

The scenes that ensued where dramatic to say the least, there were occasions of absolute violence including robberies which took place inside the branches of mega store chain Walmart. Figures and research are suggesting that at minimum half of the US population will be making their way to shops over the weekend.

Many stores opened at midnight trying to capitalise on the interest from customers and in hindsight that may not have been the best idea, as many stores who had opened found customers rushing in hours before they would normally which would be the busiest shopping day in the whole year.

The majority of the customers were well behaved and the openings were reasonably calm, but there were a handful of cases which have tainted. One scene of utter madness took place inside Walmart in the state of LA, here  a women used pepper spray on a crowd of people vying for a Xbox360 and police are using CCTV to hunt for the women.

In another extremely violent case a man was shot as he left a Walmart store in California, he was left in a critical condition. The shot was fired as a group of people resisted two armed robbers who were demanding their purchases.

Seduced by cheap deals

In other instances a man was detained for fighting in a jewellery store, there were other cases of shootings and pepper sprayings. Many people had been seduced by the ‘deals’ that were on offer, in some cases popular electronic items having a 70% reduction in price.

In the current problems are having with their finances and the rises in price to almost everything, the temptation of price drops was too much for some as they have had to use extra means to get a hold on items that have been out of reach so far,

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