Up To 200 Reported Dead In Libyan Protests

More Casualties in Libya

More Casualties in Libya

Reports coming out of a Libyan hospital are claiming that up to 200 have been killed in the last four days of anti-government protests, following the reported shooting of protestors by armed forces.

The demonstrations, which have taken place in the second city of Benghazi, are viewed as the most serious threat to Colonel Gaddafi in his 41 year reign.

It has proved difficult for viewers looking in to understand what exactly is going on, as a ban on foreign journalists has been imposed.

Gaddafi has ordered an immediate lockdown on the protests, and the number of reported casualties highlights the lethal force he has ordered to silence the protesters.

Amateur footage and images posted on the internet, have shown protestors being fired on it Benghazi, however it is unclear and has not been confirmed who is responsible for the firing.

Reports coming out of Benghazi on Saturday, stated that snipers opened fire on mourners of a civilian protestor from the rooftops nearby.

A doctor in Benghazi claims that over 200 people have died in his hospital since the shooting began.

Abdullah, a hospital worker in Benghazi gave a Sky News reporter an eye witness of what he saw: “(Saturday) we had a heavy attack – gunshots by the army forces, especially at night.”

“People were protesting… the forces just attacked to make them leave.”

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