Unseen Footage: Japanese Tsunami

Silent monster which had a massive impact

Silent monster which had a massive impact

This is unseen footage of the destruction the Japanese Tsunami caused really reveals the power behind the natural disaster, it is shocking to see how quickly the water rises taking with it cars, trucks and bits of debris that its collected on its journey. The busy highway turns in a matter of seconds to something which resembles the violent waters of the Amazon or another fast flowing river.

9.0 earthquake

The tsunami was created from a one of the biggest earthquakes to be recorded, measure a massive 9.0 on the Richter scale. This in turn gave rise to one of the most powerful tsunamis, leaving nothing safe in its path a purely violent beast.

The event killed thousands and not surprisingly left many homeless, and some may argue worst of all it caused major damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant, which in turn led to radiation leakage. In total the ferocity of the tsunami created damage worth $130 billion.

Scientists have not given up researching the tsunami, trying to pick apart the event in the hope that something stands out that will help them avert such destruction in the future. As such new information which has been taken from the correlated weather satellite has shown that the tsunami was so strong because it was a two-fold onslaught.

The power the supposed one tsunami had was in fact the result of two merging together, the result which can only be described as being a super tsunami. This idea has crossed the minds of scientists many times but this was the first actual occurrence of a scenario they had spent hours hypothesizing, and it was now confirmed.

There were many people wondering why the tsunami didn’t lose its power, but researchers are taking the stance that the ridges and underwater mountains are able to deflect parts of the original tsunami to create a series of wave fronts. Thus, the massive wave was able to move over great distances without losing any of its power.

Monster wave

Luckily the tsunami was viewed by satellites positioned in the moment the monster wave hit the coastline, and they managed to capture the data. The whole event was observed by the NASA-European Jason-2, NASA-French space Agency satellite altimeter and the ESA EnviSAT, each one of these was equipped with altimeters that made it possible to watch the what actually took place.

One researcher Y Tony Song, said: “Researchers have suspected for decades that such ‘merging tsunamis’ might have been responsible for the 1960 Chilean tsunami that killed about 200 people in Japan and Hawaii, but nobody had definitively observed a merging tsunami until now.”

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