Universities line up to charge big fees

Universitys to charge top fees

Universitys to charge top fees

2012 is the first year universities will have the opportunity to increase their fees to a maximum of £9,000 and any hope that many would do so gradually has gone out of the window.

With all Universities wanting to increase their fees above £6,000 a year required to submit their plans for approval by the Office for Fair Access, 122 out of 123 Universities in England have submitted plans, with over 66% planning on charging the full £9,000.

The agency, which was designed to help protect the poorer students, revealed that every university bar one had submitted plans to charge over £6,000, with that one asking for an extension.

17 further education colleges also submitted plans, meaning that their degrees on offer will cost more than £6,000. Three quarters of further education colleges offering degrees did not however, so some degrees will still be available for less.

The news, which will see parents struggling to save to send their children to university, is a huge blow to those who hoped the universities would gradually increase their fees but a little bit each year.

The universities must now wait for OFFA to approve the fees before they can be released in July as official figures, but with these expected to be approved, ministers suggestions that the top whack fees would be “exceptional” seem a long way wide of the mark.

Further fears that students will cut back on essentials such as student possesions cover were also unveiled.

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