United Nations Says Relief Funds are Still Short for Flooded Pakistan

More rain is in the forecast for areas of flooded Pakistan.

More rain is in the forecast for areas of flooded Pakistan.

Pakistan is suffering beyond words in one of the worst flooding disasters ever known to that area.  It is estimated that 20 million people are homeless due to the flooding.  People of all ages are without food, proper living conditions or even safe drinking water.  Video streaming in from the area shows people in tears and in acts of desperation as little aid is coming their way fighting for food and shelter from the heat.

Up until now the majority of aid coming into the country was from the US and the UK.  The UN has been desperately pleading for other nations and individuals to give assistance asking for 300 million pounds minimum in aid.

In an offer of unexpected good will, Pakistans rival and neighboring country, India, has donated 5 million dollars or 3.2 million pounds in financial aid for victims.

Pakistan’s foreign minister, Shah Memood Qureshi, told Indian television that the government welcomed the gift and he remarked: “I think this initiative of India is a very welcome initiative.”

Other aid is now coming in from other countries.  Once the aid arrives it is difficult to get to people due to the floods, washed out roads and bridges.  The flood has overtaken one fifth of the entire country.

The UN stresses that disease is growing and spreading due to conditions and that the world must react swiftly.  Cholera has been detected and the medical mission aid workers are trying desperately to get children and the elderly vaccinated.  Militants are threatening to take advantage of the flooded regions to promote their agendas.  Relying on the desperation of people and convincing them that they care more for them than their government.

There is more rain in the forecast for some areas that are flooded, while other areas may see waters begin to recede.  The UN says it now has 60 per cent of needed funds pledged as Pakistan tries to recover from a flood that has enveloped 20 per cent of their land, ruined food crops, left millions homeless, and thousands dead.

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