Uninsured cars will be seized and crushed under reform aimed at the ‘motoring underclass’

car crushing

car crushing

Owners of uninsured cars will face fines and have their car crushed thanks to tough new motoring rules, proposed by the Government.

Unless the registered owner has filled out a Statutory Off Road Declaration (SORN), which declares the vehicle off road, the new laws will make it an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle – even if it is not being driven.

The new laws have been introduced to target the estimated one million uninsured drivers in Britain and help reduce the £30 estimated annual cost to responsible motorists, The Department for Transport (DfT) claims.

The DFT have found uninsured drivers kill 160 people and injure 23,000 every year.

Road safety minister, Mike Penning, said, ‘The motoring underclass is not going to get away with this.’

Owners may face a £100 fine in their car or van is not insured by a certain date. If their vehicles’ are not insured, whether a fine has been paid or not, it could then be seized and crushed.

However, some motoring agencies say that the new laws will do little to catch the people who deliberately don’t drive with insurance and instead catch out innocent people who aren’t aware of the law changes and the specifications of the new laws.

‘This could hit people who happen to be away or in hospital when their car insurance is up for renewal,’ said a spokesman for the AA.

‘At the same time this will not deal with the sort of people who are not recorded at all by the DVLA.

‘The big question is whether the Government will have enough money in its budget to publicise the change in law.’

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