Unemployment: BAE Confirms Plans to Cut 3,000 Jobs

Slowdown in orders for fighter aircrafts makes BAE cut 3,000 jobs

Slowdown in orders for fighter aircrafts makes BAE cut 3,000 jobs

BAE Systems, a giant in the defence manufacturing sector, has announced that rumours of job cuts are true. The firm will cut 3,000 jobs, focusing in the military aircraft division, across the country.

Ensuring its future

The firm gave details of its huge redundancy programme, putting an end to days of speculation by workers and analysts alike. BAE says that it must make redundancies to maintain its competitiveness.

Chief executive of BAE, Ian King, made a statement that said the company unfortunately must make the cuts to “ensure its long-term future.”

Union leaders made their own statements, saying the news has made everyone involved “distraught and tearful.”

BAE employs 100,000 people worldwide and just 40,000 in the UK, yet most of the biggest cuts will be in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The BAE redundancy programme shows that 900 out of 1,300 jobs will be cut from BAE’s Brough factory in East Yorkshire.

565 people from the 3,970-person workforce at Samlesbury, Lancashire will be made redundant. At Warton, Lancashire, a further 843 posts will go.

Other plans that will be affected include sites in Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, and Essex.

The cuts will take place in the military aircraft division, as it has been deeply affected by the slowdown of orders for fighter aircrafts.

Calls for government intervention

The largest union at BAE, Unite, has said it is “doing everything we can to mitigate the impact of these cuts.”

An official statement from the union called on the government to help soften the blow for the thousands of workers and families that will be affected by the job cuts.

“The government cannot sit on its hands and allow these highly skilled jobs to disappear,” it said.

In response, Business Secretary Vince Cable has said that he will do everything possible to make sure the UK economy does not lose the valuable skills these workers offer.

“This news from BAE Systems will be a serious knock to the individuals and communities affected,” Cable said.


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