Underwater Volcano: 70 Metres From Surface

El Hierro

El Hierro

An underwater volcano off the coast of El Hierro, a Spanish Island, has begun to erupt and is potentially releasing toxic gasses into the air. Firmly in the Atlantic Ocean, 20-metre high jets of water are being spat in the air as the sea begins to boil amidst the smell of sulfar.

Raging fury

Off the Canary Island of El Hierro an underwater volcano is expressing its raging fury and it is expected to create new land as it is increasingly nearing the surface of the sea. Despite the fascinating display of nature, it is the island that is a most risk from the explosive eruptions.

A leading Spanish newspaper has written ‘The monster rises out of the water’. Scientists on the other hand are trying to keep their emotions under control and now are of the belief that the undersea volcano is in its third phase of eruption.

People have watched in amazement as water has been shot out of the sea, including stones which have also given into the strength of the volcano. At present the ocean is a seething maelstrom, many metres wide with the sea bubbling away as if it was water someone was boiling.

The volcano has been exploding under water but it is slowly getting closer to the surface as lava piles up on an underwater mountain and there fear is the damage it will do to the island due to its close proximity.

The centre of the volcano is nearing the surface and geologists believe new land will be arriving out of the sea, with islanders already thinking of names for the new territory. Experts have said that the distance between the top of the volcano and the surface of the sea is less than 70 metres.

10,000 minor eruptions

Since July of this year, the El Hierro island has suffered through 10,000 minor eruptions, but since the end of October these have taken a new level becoming more violent and stronger. The tremors have even scored 4 on the Richter scale with the earthquakes displaying the typical pattern of flowing magma, which is also known as the harmonic volcanic tremor.

Another warning has been made that more eruptions could be on their way near the El Golfo valley along the northern coast. The worry is that the lava could be just as dangerous in shallow water as it is on land, the reason for this is because there is the possibility that it could result in large steam explosions.

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