UK Deputy Leader Vows to Take Care of Tax Frauds

The deputy prime minister of Britain is ready to spend whatever it takes to crackdown on individuals taking advantage of the governments tax department, tax cheats to put it bluntly. Nick Clegg believes the increase in prosecutions could lead to an injection of around seven billion pounds into the UK economy. Since the UK tax authority is facing deep budget cuts, the infusion of money could help as an offset device.

Clegg commented on taxpayers using lawyers and accountants to assist them, saying: “You cannot allow people who can pay an army of lawyers and accountants from getting out of paying their fair share of taxes.”

At the Liberal Democrat party conference in Liverpool Monday, Clegg reiterated those words, saying: “Tax evaders are no better than benefits cheats stealing money from your neighbor.”

During the conference, he also faced opposing views regarding the governmental budget cuts, and the possible input on the party’s popularity. Clegg mentioned that if the party is to take credit for cutting the deficit at the next election, it needs to embrace those cuts now.

New technology will be used to target smugglers and members of organized crime, since the times call for more progressive measures to apprehend such criminals.

A dedicated team will be created to catch those using offshore accounts to hide money.

Clegg also remarked about loopholes, saying: “We will close many loopholes that are perfectly legal, but in my view morally questionable. We will beef up the resources to recoup billions of pounds that should be in the government’s coffers to deal with the deficit.”

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