UK Car production soared by 27.1 percent in 2010

Vehicle Manufacturing Shows Strong Growth

Vehicle Manufacturing Shows Strong Growth

Car production in the UK jumped to 1.27 million units in 2010, a rise of 27.1 percent over the previous year, latest figures show.

Car production was recorded at 94,235 in December, up 10.6 percent over same period last year, said the latest report by Society of Motor manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Commercial vehicle production was higher by 35.7 percent at 123,019 units. The report confirms that the carmakers have made a strong comeback after the recession. However, production level is still lower than recorded in pre-meltdown years.

Total vehicle production, including cars and commercial vehicles, stood at 1.39 million compared to 1.65 million units in 2008 and 1.75 million units in 2007.

Complementing the country’s strong vehicle manufacturing base, SMMT’s Chief Executive Paul Everitt said “UK manufacturers exported more than a million vehicles last year, underlining the competitiveness and desirability of the current model line up”.

Engines made by UK companies also had strong demand with “strong export performance”, Mr. Everitt said.

“This performance continues to underline the significant role played by the UK in global production”, he added.

UK’s biggest car manufacturers are Japanese firms Honda and Nissan, BMW owned Mini and India’s biggest vehicle manufacturer Tata Motors owned Jaguar and Land Rover.

Nissan produced 423,262 units in its Sunderland Plant in 2010, a record for the company – it said.

Ford Motors also have a transit van making facility in Southampton. Various independent sports car manufacturers like Ariel, Morgan and Bristol also operate in the UK.

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