Two-headed conjoined twins born in China

Conjoined twins in intensive care

Conjoined twins in intensive care

Only revealed yesterday at the Suining City Central Hospital in Sichuan, conjoined twin babies sharing one body with two heads were born last Thursday to a migrant working couple.

The parents were made aware of the abmorality only two days before they were due, as previous scans only detected a single embryo and no indication of extra body parts.

Initially the parents were unsure of whether to go ahead with the birth worried about the medical costs required to care for these unique babies. However, they went ahead and delivered the babies, moving them to another facility for examination.

The twin girls share a gall bladder, spleen, pelvis and reproductive system but have separate spines, esophagi, stomachs, kidneys, and respiratory systems. Though the conjoined girls have two hearts, physical tests show that one is in an abnormal shape. Because of the number of vital organs shared between them, doctors may not be able to separate them. However, if they are able to grow to good health, detaching them may not be necessary.

For now, their care is focused on keeping them alive, under 24 hour watch in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

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