Tunisia PM announces New National Unity Government

New National Government in Tunisia

New National Government in Tunisia

The prime minister of Tunisia has announced a new national government in the country, after President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali was forced to flee the country following bloody protests.

Mohammed Ghannouchi is now head of the transitional government, where he will remain until an expected general election is held in the next six months.

Ghannouchi has stated his intentions to abolish the information ministry, while freeing all political prisoners.

The temporary head of government also plans to lift the ban on the country’s main human rights group, and allow all political parties to operate freely.

Mr Ghannouchi has said that anyone who has amassed huge wealth, or is suspected of any form of corruption, would be placed under investigation.

The move comes following violent scenes of protest in Tunis, which saw soldier’s fire water cannon, tear gas, and live rounds in their attempt to disperse the crowds.

There is believed to be in the region of 1,000 Britons currently still in Tunisia, and Foreign Office Minister David Lidlington has stated that some had chosen to remain in the country.

“The advice I was given by the Embassy was that there are some holidaymakers who are saying they would prefer to stay in Tunis and see if there is a chance that things do calm down there.”

The protest in the North African country has been viewed around the world with great concern, in which UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon expressed his concern, and urged the International community to help bring stability.

Extreme protests such as; self-immolations in Africa, and Algeria, along with a man setting fire to himself in Egypt outside the country’s Parliament, have been reported.

These reports, along with certain neighbourhoods having to set up barricades to prevent looters, the escape of around 1,000 prisoners in a jailbreak in Mahdia, highlight just how severe the situation is in the North African country.

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