Total Lunar Eclipse: Stargazers Treated To Phenomenon

Lunar Eclipse 2011

Lunar Eclipse 2011

Stargazers and space fans have been treated to a total lunar eclipse. The event which is rare in nature spanned three hours as the Earth moved across the face of the moon. Even the moon look dimmer, it could still be seen as it was lit up by the sunlight which passing through our atmosphere.


As the it crept into the darkest area of the shadow, the moon assumed a grey or red colour. This was the last time fans will be treated to such a spectacle until 2014 and it will be visible in the southern hemisphere with parts of Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

Some of the observers who were lucky to get a clear view of the eclipse revealed that the moon appeared as if it was covered with melted chocolate. For astronomers this site was memorable because it allowed them to witness something that they rarely get a chance to, this is the ‘selenelion’.

The ‘selenelion’ is a phenomena in which the setting sun and the eclipsed moon could be seen simultaneously. Although the current event was an eclipse of the moon, the eclipse of the sun is very important for those who believe in astrology.

The eclipse of the sun is accepted with dread, and over the ages many are wary when it takes place. The great giver of life disappears from the sky and this sets of a strange sequence of natural events. Birds begin to prepare for bed, the sky will darken during the day in an ominous image that would look like a scene from a big Hollywood movie.

Old things will be overthrown

The reason why the eclipse of the sun is linked with so much power is because experience has shown that old things will begin to come to an end or overthrown. Under the solar eclipse new beginnings can be made, the effects can be felt for six months until the next eclipse when the cosmic energies are restructured.

In no lighter way, the solar eclipse signifies the fall of the mighty. Depending on where in the zodiac the  eclipse occurs, the stress will always be places on the matters which are controlled by that sign, or sector of the zodiac.

On a much more individual level the solar eclipse with have a huge effect on our personal lives. What is around the corner nobody really knows, for those that don’t really believes in this it will simply serve as amusement.

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