Toshiba to launch glasses free 3D TV in 2011

Toshiba 3d TV

Toshiba 3d TV

Toshiba Corporation of Japan will launch its revolutionary glasses free 3D television in Japan in 2011. The company also plans to start shipping TV sets worldwide in this fiscal, according to company executives.

The Japanese behemoth also announced its ambitious plans for the financial year 2011 – starting April till next March, it plans to sell 20 million sets, a jump of 33% over current financial year’s sales.

The household appliances to nuclear technology conglomerate, has already launched its 12 inch and 20 inch glass free TV sets in Japan.

3D television sets require special glass which is acting as a barrier for sales growth. However, rivals claim that the viewing angle in the new technology product is too limited.

However at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Atsushi Murasawa – Toshiba’s head of Visual Products said the product was well received in the market.

“These will not only be for the Japanese market, but also America, Europe and China” Murasawa said without disclosing price or probable launch dates.

Toshiba plans to increase its US market-share to 10 percent from the current 7-8 percent. It also will ramp up sales in Asia, said  Murasawa.

The company will display 56 inch and 65 inch prototypes at the fair and will launch possibly two models, one over 40 inch and another over 70 inch.

The company plans to tie-up with an external company to develop the large screen TVs although it produces the small screen ones internally. It also produces 3D televisions to be watched with customary glasses like rival Sony.

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