Tornadoes: US States Destroyed As Sirens Fail To Sound

Tornadoes sneak up on Oklahoma locals

Tornadoes sneak up on Oklahoma locals

Tornadoes ripped through the US states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa last week, with locals given no warning to the oncoming destruction as sirens failed to sound. The winds have killed five people in an Oklahoma town because local communities were not provided with any indication as to what they were about to face.

Tornado Alley

The storms had traveled down a part of the country which is referred to as ‘Tornado Alley’, which is in the US Central and Southern Plains. Despite five people dying, there were no other casualties as the twisters hit areas which were not heavily populated. The tornadoes also hit during the day when people were still awake and were able to react in the best way they could.

The Mayor of Woodward, Oklahoma, Roscoe Hill, revealed that a tornado had hit his city, which lies in the northwest of the state. The twister hit during morning hours, and locals had been stunned when lightning had disabled the warning system in the area.

At a mobile home park called ‘Hide A Way,’  located on the west side of Woodward, two children died, marking a stark blow to a town with a population of only 12,000 people. Two adults also died in a small community outside the city’s boundaries.

Tornado season is expensive for the people affected by the natural disasters and for the country. Recent figures have shown that people with cars can face additional costs which they had not previously considered.

One warning given to drivers was not to assume that they were protected for damage from weather-related events such as tornadoes and hailstorms, as many policies have revealed that they are not covered.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners the average expense for comprehensive insurance in the US was $132 in 2009.

Recovering from March tornadoes

The US is still recovering from the Tornadoes which hit the Midwest and Tennessee Valley in March, and according to figures from Aon Corp, the destruction caused by the winds was estimated at $1.2 billion in insured losses.

Mayor Roscoe Hill revealed that the tornado had hit the west and north sides of the city, leaving an apartment complex with residents still inside and waiting for rescue in its wake.

“This thing took us by surprise. It’s kind of overwhelming,” said Hill who went on to say that the storm sirens had not sounded.

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