Thousands to call breakdown service after overloading cars

Britons to overload cars

Britons to overload cars

New research from Britannia Rescue has revealed that thousands of drivers will compromise their own safety this Easter, as they over load their cars and head off on holiday, or to visit family.

6.7million Britain’s are expected to hit the road this Easter with 10% of them expected to back their cars for every possible situation, overloading them at the same time.

With a harsh winter making Britain’s roads even worse, every pothole, and there are plenty of them, poses a serious risk to the driver and passengers as the suspension won’t work as intended as it’s already overloaded with weight.

Britannia’s research revealed that over 8 million drivers have overloaded their cars in the last five years, and a whopping 20% didn’t even realise they could overload them.

As well as the risk of negating the suspension with too much weight, 16% of drivers admitted filling the car up so full they couldn’t see out of the back window, and 18% admitted they’d had to ask passengers to keep an eye out for them whilst carrying a big load.

35% of people asked revealed they had driven with a door, window or the boot open as their load wouldn’t fit in the car otherwise, and of the 71% of people who claimed they hadn’t overloaded their car in the last five years, 80% of them admitted they didn’t know what the weight limit of their car was.

With 61% failing to adjust tyre pressures when carrying a heavy load and 69% admitting they don’t keep their parcel shelf clear it’s becoming obvious that in Britain there is clearly a lack of careful thinking and planning when carrying large and heavy loads.

Managing Director of Britannia Rescue, Peter Horton said, “With Easter upon us and the excitement of summer holiday season fast approaching, it’s completely understandable that motorists may not be considering the dangers caused by overloading their car. But it’s vital to put safety first, especially when UK roads are in such a state of disrepair. To minimise the risk of breakdown and accidents, our advice is to take a little extra time before the journey starts to be sure your load is safe, secure, not blocking your view and within your car’s maximum permitted weight.”

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