Tesco Supermarket to Make Life Easier on Busy Shoppers

Tesco is offering innovative new concepts to stay competitive and keep customers happy.

Tesco is offering innovative new concepts to stay competitive and keep customers happy.

Tesco is testing Britain’s newest convenience for busy shoppers.  They are unveiling the first supermarket drive through in Britain at Baldock in Hertfordshire.  Shoppers will be able to choose their orders online and then drive up to the store and pick them up.

Those using the service will have a two hour window to pick up the order and will pay a 2 pound flat fee for the service.  The customer will pull into a specific spot and have their order loaded into their car by Tesco employees.

If the new concept turns out to be successful the company plans to offer the service at other Tesco stores.  It is expected that the service will be attractive to those who cannot schedule for a delivery from Tesco, for mothers who find it difficult to shop with young children, and for busy young professionals.

Laura Wade-Gery, chief executive of Tesco.com and Tesco Direct said: “This will be especially popular with busy mums who have the school run and children’s activities to manage.

“It also offers a solution to parents who want to avoid the challenge of shopping in a busy store with children in tow but can’t afford the time to stay in for the shop to arrive to their door.

“We also expect it to help young professionals who want the convenience of a pre-picked and packed shop, but who cannot commit to waiting at home for delivery.”

In a critique of the service Consumer Focus Scotland said: ”In such a crowded and competitive market as food retailing, every player has to be willing to innovate to see if they can better serve their customers.

“It’s certainly not going to be for everyone, and issues will always remain for people living in more rural parts of Scotland where the nearest supermarket is a long drive away.

“The contribution of online shopping and home delivery services to the bottom line for the big supermarket chains is now considerable and you can be sure that if this new approach proves successful, others will quickly follow.”

Tesco also recently announced that they would be opening Britain’s first airport supermarket with a Tesco Express store opening in the fall at Glasgow Airport.

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