Tennant Caledonian Breweries Opens Up New Pub Academy in Glasgow to Train in Brewery Hospitality Industry

Tennent is opening a pub academy in Glasgow at the company's Wellpark Brewery.

Tennent is opening a pub academy in Glasgow at the company’s Wellpark Brewery.

In the attempt to secure a job many have to be retrained in a new trade or add their skills. An opportunity will be available to those seeking to enter the brewery trade when the company behind Tennant’s Lager opens up a pub academy in Scotland to train staff in the specialized hospitality industry. Tennent Caledonian Breweries has invested £1 million in the new training academy.

The new academy will be in Glasgow at the company’s Wellpark Brewery. A building has been newly converted for the training and it includes a bar, beer cellar, and a kitchen. This will enable proper training for a wide range of work staff from management to bar workers. Courses offered will include mixology, customer service, wine and spirit training, cellar management, door security, cooking, health and safety issues, and business management.

Tennent Caledonian Brewers’ Managing Director, Mike Lees, said: “The facility is for people who want to know everything, like how you pour beer or prepare food or the business aspects of running a pub.

“Scotland’s on-trade has had a very challenging few years, and we are committed to doing what we can to provide positive support and investment in our shared future.”

One of the lecturers for the new academy is head chef Martin Teplitzky. In reference to what the cooking courses at the academy could offer he said: “For young chefs the value will be very much in learning a few skills because a lot of them aren’t getting these skills in their training.

“Perhaps they go straight into kitchens at a young age and this will give them an opportunity to pick these things up and make it a bit more interesting for them.”

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